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Exclusive interior decorations for your home

RAKEN Style features an online catalog with over 1200 exclusive products, decoration objects from Morocco and Tunisia inspired by Mediterranean, African and Arabic cultures.

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The RAKEN companies in Tunisia and Morocco are closed.
No orders can be accepted.
The website is maintained online pro memoria.

Wrought iron & leather lamps
Wrought iron & leather wall lights
Wrought iron & leather ceiling lights

Copper ceiling lights
Copper sconces and  lights
KenzA Creation Long Necklaces
KenzA Creation Rings  

Tuareg silver jewelry and artisan jewelry creations
RAKEN Maroc   Tuareg  Jewelry and Creations



Modern Kilims, mergoums, berber carpets, tunisian fine carpets, tapestries from Tataouine, tapestries from Gafsa, oudherf rugs, and various weavings.

The RAKEN Style collection comprises numerous traditional and modern artisan weavings, in the following categories :

       Tapestries from Gafsa
Tapestries from Tataouine
Tunisian fine carpets
Berber carpets 
Modern Kilims
Ouedhref rugs
      Various weavings

In our exclusive collection of handcrafted wrought iron and mouth blown glass lamps and decoration objects RAKEN Style offers an extensive range of :

        Table lamps
  Standing lamps
  Ceiling lights
                    Wall sconces


Table lamps, Standing lamps, ceiling lights, wall sconces and curios with wrought iron and glass

Copper artisan works

Copper lamps, Copper trays, Copper tables, Water-pipes

In our RAKEN Style collection, we now also propose a number of copper artisan works as follows :

              Copper lamps
Copper trays
Copper tables

In our RAKEN Style collection, we now also propose a number of leather artisan works as follows :

           Lamps with leather
Leather hassocks
Hamel Collection
                           Leather saddle


Leather artisan works

Lamps with leather, Knapsack, leather hassocks and leather saddle

Wood artisan works

Pastel mirror, mirrors with ceramic motives, pastel lamp stands, jewel cases and wooden tea trays

In our RAKEN Style collection, we now also propose a number of wooden artisan works as follows :

           Pastel mirrors
                Mirrors with ceramic motives
Pastel lamp stands
Jewel cases
Wooden tea trays

In the family of ceramics and pottery the RAKEN Style collection includes several types of vases as well as ceramic inlaid wooden mirrors:

      Flat vases
  Round vases
             High Vases
  Long Vases
                   Incrusted potteries


Handcrafted ceramics and pottery

Flat vases, Round vases, high vases, long vases and incrusted potteries

Tuareg silver jewellery

Turaeg necklaces and bracelets

We also feature authentic Turaeg and other silver jewellery :



See also  :
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                Artisan glass blowing in Tunisia : the making of a Minaret light.
     Historic background of ceramics and pottery in Tunisia.
     Historic background of carpet manufacturing and tapestry in Tunisia.

Our products are manufactured in artisan workshops or at the homes of the artisans. Our suppliers include private artisans, well-known Tunisian artisan companies, government entities and non-governmental organisations.

Because they are carefully handcrafted, some products are available in limited quantities or require long delivery times. There can be slight deviations in colour, motives or dimensions, compared with the items presented on the web site.

In our
Collectors Corner, we trace products according to your wishes and present them to you in Your special private pages.

We now wish you an interesting tour on the RAKEN web site and hope to find you soon among our regular visitors and customers.


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