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Shipping options

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Depending on customer location, nature of the goods and size of the order we propose shipping options from the following alternatives:

               Regular postal services
               Express mail services
               Courier services (Federal Express, DHL or TNT)
               Air freight services
               Truck delivery services (only large orders and retailers)

A basic shipping option has been selected for each product as indicated in our product catalog.
Basic shipping is FREE to any EUROPEAN country. For USA and other overseas countries, a modest contribution to basic shipping will apply, according to tables 2 and 3 below.

Shipping upgrades within Europe are possible according the rates in table 1 below

Cost of shipping : Upgrade within Europe in Euro   

Weight Regular mail to Express mail (EMS) Express mail (EMS) to Courier services
(DHL or TNT)
Regular mail to Courier services
 (DHL or TNT)


< 250g 14,80 2,40  17,20
250g - 500g 13,04  2,40 15,44
500g - 1 kg 9,84 2,40 12,24
1 kg - 2 kg 11,20 5,60 16,80
> 2 kg (per kg) 4,40 3,20 7,60


Shipping rates to USA or other overseas countries are indicated in table 2 below.

Cost of shipping : USA in US Dollars    

Basic shipping mode is Regular mail
Weight Regular mail Express mail
Courier services
(UPS or Fedex)


< 250g 0,72  15,72 23,72
250g - 500g  1,44 14,14  22,14
500g - 1 kg  2,88 11,26 19,26
1 kg - 2 kg 5,76 14,08 24,48
> 2 kg (per kg)  2,88 5,56  7,96



Basic shipping mode is Express mail (EMS)
     Weight          Express mail (USPS)          Courier services
            (UPS or Fedex)


< 250g 2,16 10,16
250g - 500g 2,16 10,16
500g - 1 kg 2,16 10,16
1 kg - 2 kg 3,60  14,00
> 2 kg (per kg) 1,44 3,84


Delivery times :

Delivery times include availability plus shipping time.

Shipping time is estimated as follows :
Regular mail to Europe / USA               2-3 weeks (average 2 weeks)
to other overseas countries                   3-4 weeks (average 3 weeks)
Express mail to Europe / USA               1 week
to other overseas countries                   10 days
Courier services to Europe / USA          48 hours
to overseas countries                            72 hours

Availability times depend on product and range from 1 week (in stock or stored by a proximate supplier) up to 8 or 10 weeks (for certain long lead items which need to be manufactured and shipped to us from distant places)

For courier orders, availability time will be specially shortened where possible (ie express handling also within our and our suppliers organizations).

We have tried to make as much information available as possible, to help you evaluate shipping costs. Due to the nature of our goods, given our international shipping practice and depending on your order size and structure, our quotes may include more interesting shipping options or costs than can be deduced from information displayed on our web site.


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