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General sales conditions of RAKEN Maroc

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1. All business transactions operated through the RAKEN web site (RAKEN Art, RAKEN Style...) or otherwise with RAKEN Maroc are subject to the present General Sales Conditions. RAKEN Maroc may change these General Sales Conditions anytime, whereas ongoing contracts at the time of such changes will not be concerned.

2. RAKEN Maroc is a Moroccan company located in Marrakesh, Morocco. All sales made by RAKEN Maroc are excluding any import duties and sales taxes, which may apply in the customer's country. The customer is sole responsible for the declaration and payment of such taxes and duties.

3. RAKEN is a registered trademark and protected by Tunisian and International laws. RAKEN Art and RAKEN Style are legal derivatives. RAKEN Maroc is authorized by the holder of the trademark to use it for its commercial activities. RAKEN Maroc cannot be held responsible for any wrongdoing by Third Parties involving the RAKEN name.

4. Information displayed on RAKEN's web site (www.raken.com) does not constitute an offer to contract. Objects proposed for sale are subject to availability, which is to be checked by RAKEN prior to confirming its offer by e-mail. In this offer, RAKEN will also mention one or several shipping options the customer can choose from with the confirmation of his order. The acceptance of this offer by the customer together with his payment trigger the actual binding contract.

5. The prices displayed on the RAKEN web site (www.raken.com) are expressed in the most frequently used currencies for information only. In case of an advance payment by bank transfer, the reference currency is the currency of the pro forma invoice issued by RAKEN Maroc for this purpose. 

6. RAKEN Maroc guarantees that the commercialized products are conform in quality and origin to the product description on RAKEN's web site (www.raken.com). Pictures and product descriptions are as close and complete as possible to represent actual condition of the product. RAKEN Art features unique (i.e. only one piece available) artworks, which cannot be replaced in case of break, theft, etc. RAKEN Style features handcrafted objects, which may slightly differ from piece to piece in color, motives, dimensions, etc. 

7. Shipping and delivery will be made to the address indicated by the customer as his " shipping address " at the time of the order. If not incuded in the prices, shipping and delivery costs are at the expense of the customer and are invoiced by RAKEN Maroc in addition to the price of the ordered items, as per our initial quotes. The customer assumes full responsibility to check the condition of the shipped goods at arrival and report damage to the shipper in writing (with a copy to RAKEN Maroc) within 3 days of reception of the goods.

8. The customer has the right to return the product within 14 days of delivery in the original condition. In such case he has to send back the merchandise, after authorization by RAKEN Maroc, to the following address: 

          RAKEN Maroc 
          N20 Lotissement Zohour Chaabi
          40000 Marrakech

If the return is for other reasons than break or non-conformity to the condition described, the customer will be billed initial shipping charges and a handling fee of 30% of the total value of the merchandise he sends back. 

9. Computer records stored in reasonably secure conditions on the computer system of either party shall be accepted as evidence of communications and contracts between the parties. Records shall be presumed to have been stored in reasonably secure conditions if the documents are systematically recorded on a durable and inalterable medium

10. RAKEN assumes no consequential damage responsibility for the products it commercializes and also declines responsibility in case of force majeure. In any case RAKEN's liability will be limited to the reimbursement of the sales price plus shipping charges of the goods object of the sale.

11. Applicable law is Moroccan law and place of jurisdiction is Marrakesh, Morocco.


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