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RAKEN Maroc closed down

November 2010

Five years after our Tunisian companies, our company RAKEN Maroc must close down for economic reasons..
Consequently we cannot accept any new orders.

The website is maintained online "pro memoria" as one of the first North African e-commerce sites.

We thank all our customers, suppliers and former employees for their faith.  


RAKEN Trading (Tunisia) closing down 

November 2005

NEW : Direct purchasing system for selected Tunisian products

Dear valued customer,

After six years of relentless efforts, RAKEN Trading has ceased selling Tunisian artisan works on Internet.

We have long thought what to do in order to assure you, our faithful customers, the possibility to keep buying our products.

We now worked out a solution with some of our most trusted suppliers, thereby granting that a majority of our former (Tunisian) products will remain available after the demise of RAKEN Trading

Here’s how it works :

- You can still request a quote at www.raken.com, using the shopping cart system;
- Instead of making you a quote we will give you the contact information of our suppliers as well as the prices at which we usually purchased the items you request;
- A copy of your request will be transferred to the concerned supplier to assure that he is informed about your interest. 
- It is up to you and him to finalize an order. 

What you gain with this program :

- You keep the possibility to purchase our products which are quite unique and very coveted;
- You will be able to purchase them at a considerably lower prices, since our trading margin is skipped;

What do we gain :

- In order to validate your request (and have us treat it), you have to pay a handling fee of $24. Since currency control regulations in Tunisia do not allow our suppliers to pay us commissions on orders, this fee is the only remuneration RAKEN receives on such orders. To avoid confusion, we will give you a link to pay this fee only after we receive your request to quote.
- He also get the satisfaction of being able to keep www.raken.com and thus the first major online catalog of Tunisian artisan works on Internet alive.

What are the limitations :

- RAKEN will obviously no longer handle the logistics of your purchases. This is now the obligation of the suppliers, to which you have a direct relation.
- You will have to abide to the suppliers payment terms, which is usually a prepayment by bank, postal or Western Union transfer. Our suppliers presently do not offer credit card payment and need the prepayment for institutional reasons (export formalities).
- RAKEN does not warrant these orders in any way, for quality, craftsmanship, delivery schedule or any other issue. The contract is between you and the supplier and does not engage RAKEN in any way.
- This offer is not valid for RAKEN Retailers, who have been proposed another solution.

Products not covered by this program will be replaced by Moroccan products handled by our new company, RAKEN Maroc. We have already introduced some Moroccan products on our web site, which are entirely available through RAKEN Maroc.

Very few product lines must be discontinued or reserved for our retailing partners.


RAKEN Maroc now operational

August 2005

Our new company RAKEN Maroc is now operational.
We have started with a few typically Moroccan products, to complete our existing
collection of Tunisian handicrafts.This new product line will be gradually extended. 


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