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These exclusive black copper wall lamps are carefully handcrafted by artisans of the old medina in Marrakesh. Made of black copper plated iron sheets, they are cissored and inlaid with glass stains or panes, in the traditional Arab art of metal craftsmanship, as has been performed for centuries. They particularly fit in a room with dark furniture to which they add the mystic touch of an Oriental lifestyle.
Note : Electrical fittings are not supplied but easy to fix.

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Small wall lights  Trapeze  (2 units)
Ref : CLM301

Wall light  Half-Octogone
Ref : CLM304

Wall lights  Cage  (2 units)
Ref : CLM311

Wall light  Double Cone  long
Ref : CLM314

Wall light  Fes  small
Ref : CLM321

Triangular wall light with Star motive in glass
Ref : CLM331

Wall light  Bellows  with Star motive in glass
Ref : CLM334

Small wall light with glass panes
Ref : CLM341

Wall light with glass panes
Ref : CLM345

Wall light  Kandyl  with glass panes
Ref : CLM347

Perforated conic sconce
Ref : CLM351

Closed conic sconce - tapering
Ref : CLM353

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