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Thanks to their warm filtered light, our wrought iron and leather lamps will add to the charm of your home. The leather is decorated with Berber motives. These lamps are carefully handcrafted by artisans of the old medina of Marrakesh.
Notes : We only sell goat leather lamps, as sheep leather is to soft and likely to crack with heat. Goat leather also does not have the characteristic smell.
Electrical fixtures are not included but very easy to fix. Use small light bulbs ranging from 25-40 Watt, depending on the lamp's size.
Colors : On request, all our leather lamps can be delivered in plain natural color (light brown) with or without motives, as well as any color combination pictured on our site or more.
Colors and motives vary from unit to unit and will never match exactly the pictures

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Lamp with leather  Bajora  small (2 units)
Ref : LCM101a

Lamp with leather  Banana  small (2 units)
Ref : LCM102o

Lamp with leather  Guitun  small (2 units)
Ref : LCM103r

Lamp with leather  Gdra  small (2 units)
Ref : LCM104r

Lamp with leather  Gdra  medium sized
Ref : LCM114r

Lamp with leather  Gdra  large
Ref : LCM124o

Lamp with leather  Mokaab  medium sized
Ref : LCM117o

Lamp with leather  Beydi  oval
Ref : LCM125r

Lamp with leather  Bibousha
Ref : LCM126o

Lamp with leather  Sardouk  small
Ref : LCM131o

Lamp with leather  Sardouk  medium sized
Ref : LCM141r

Lamp with leather  Sardouk  large
Ref : LCM151o

Lamp with leather  Sikane  small
Ref : LCM134r

Lamp with leather  Sikane  medium sized
Ref : LCM144o

Lamp with leather  Sikane  large
Ref : LCM154r

Lamp with leather  Saroush  small
Ref : LCM135r

Lamp with leather  Saroush  medium sized
Ref : LCM145o

Lamp with leather  Saroush  large
Ref : LCM155r

Lamp with leather  Tipi
Ref : LCM136r

Lamp with leather  H'sanne  (the horse) medium sized
Ref : LCM143r

Lamp with leather  H'sanne  (the horse) large
Ref : LCM153o

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