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RAKEN Style, collectors corner, collectibles, special items, on request, heavy ceiling lights, wrought iron and mouth blown glass, brass products, copper products, antiques, wooden cases, heavy wooden mirrors, Berber jewellery from Kabylia, and many more according to customer requests

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Collectors Corner sample page to see what kind of products were displayed on such pages and proposed to our collector customers.
Dear customer, dear visitor,

You may have browsed through our RAKEN Style collection and found some of our products interesting but still not exactly what you are looking for. We now invite you to do what many of your fellow RAKEN visitors have done in this case :

Just contact us and tell us what you seek. Therefore, please use the Collectors Requests form below.

We will then look for a product that matches your description or comes as close as possible. 

We will display these special items on Your private page in our Collectors Corner. You will be given a login and password to access Your RAKEN Collectors Corner pages.

You may then order the product in the same way as in our regular RAKEN Style catalogue pages.

At any time, you may request other products to be displayed on your Collectors Corner page.

Please note :

Our Collectors Corner services are FREE and there is no obligation to eventually buy anything.

We will do our best to find products according to Your wishes and inform you by e-mail once Your Collectors Corner pages are ready. If we do not find adequate products you will be informed likewise. Treating these special requests will take us some time, normally not exceeding two weeks.

If you do not use Your Collectors Corner page during one month (30 days), it will be removed from the site. You will get a new Collectors Corner page if you make a new request after your page has been removed.

When you register as a RAKEN Collectors Corner user, you will receive regular (one every 2 weeks) e-mail updates on news at www.raken.com . If you would not like to receive such e-mail updates, you may remove your name from our mailing list by simple notification to info@raken.com (subject = remove). This does not affect the status of your Collectors Corner pages. <also read our privacy statement>


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