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Whether you seek traditional Tuareg jewelry or artistic creations, we propose you unusual jewels of great artistic and cultural value in both of our collections :
RAKEN Style and RAKEN Collectors Edition

Touareg Jewelry :
Necklaces with Southern Cross
     Tuareg Necklaces
     Collectors Edition Touareg Necklaces
     Tuareg Creation Necklaces (Collectors Edition)
     Earrings and Ear Pendants

Artistic Creations :
KenzA Creation Long Necklaces
    KenzA Creation Rings
  The rest of our new collection of fantasy jewelry by
      KenzA will be introduced in September 2005.
      In the meantime you may view the models
      by following the link to the personal pages
      of the artist :
Fantasy Creations by KenzA

The Tuareg and their silver jewelry


Due to their artisan crafting and the nature of the stones used, these jewels all vary slightly as to colour shades (stones), motives (engraving), forms and accessories. 


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