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This fiery metal has a long tradition in arab artisan works throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. Copper is carved and crafted for use as trays, lamps, tea services and of course, the tubes of the famous sheesha narghiles. All these traditional Arab copper works are both useful and highly decorative, giving your home and exotic touch and adding a special type of comfort to your life.

Products from Morocco
Copper ceiling lights  
Copper wall lights

Copper lamps
Copper trays
Copper tables

Sheesha waterpipes 
"Collectors's Edition" Sheesha waterpipes 

Sheesha water pipes are used in numerous Mediterranean and Arab countries by those who like to enjoy a peaceful moment, after a long day. We selected the high quality crystal sheeshas which add to the functionality a highly decorative Oriental flavour to your home. Our water-pipes are of course entirely functional.
Sheesha AAM and Nawar with half-cristall glasses, simply functional and affordable.

Narguilés chichas
The Sheesha user's guide

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