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Tanning has a long tradition in the Maghreb. Whereas Marrakesh remains the best known tanning place in Northwestern Africa, the craft is done in many other places of Morocco and Tunisia too. The most commonly used hides in these regions are sheep and goat hides. The exclusive camel leather is understandably less used and expensive, but has an excellent reputation for its durability. RAKEN features a large range of decorative items for everydays use, as you can see and, if you wish, order in the following pages :

         NEW Products from Morocco

Wrought iron and leather lamps
             Wrought iron and leather sconces and wall lights
             Wrought iron and leather ceiling lights
             Leather hassocks (poufes)
Leather hassocks - collectors edition
             Leather saddl

Lamps with leather
Thanks to their warm filtered light, our wrought iron and leather lamp will add to the charm of your home. The goat leather is decorated with Berber motives. (Use light bulbs up to 40 Watt).

Leather hassocks
They are part of the Arab Way of Life. Leather hassocks are typically Arab furniture items, traditionally used to seat people around the low tables, as they exist in tents. Nowadays, they adorn the living rooms of Arab and Western households likewise, where they are used as stools or sometimes leg-rests. We offer a variety of oriental leather hassocks in various forms and colors. To optimize delivery costs, these leather hassocks are unfilled.

Hamel Collection (presently not available)
Hamel is a traditional Bedouin tapestry from the south of Tunisia originally used for making tents, carpets, saddle bags and other utilitarian products. Hamel tapestry is very tight, mostly goat or camel hair and from its texture, strong and resistant to wear. Bedouin tents or Wissadas (saddle bags) generally last a lifetime and more. Hamel tapestry is now quite sought by collectors who use it as wall hangings or carpets. In our Hamel Collection of leather items we offer the kind of leather goods used by the modern man or woman : brief-cases, handbags, knapsacks, mirrors and jewel cases.

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