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Mirrors with ceramic motives
Our mirrors are designed and hand crafted in small quantities by an artistic outfit who searches the Tunisian cultures of the past in an archaeological way and applies this knowledge to its creations, with as results unique items with strong links to Mediterranean, Arab and African cultures. They are made of wood with Zellige ceramic motives made of resin. RAKEN features four colours and two sizes. We also feature a few mirrors with silver thread incrusted, crushed stone painted motives. The colours and ceramic patterns may vary slightly from the exhibited pieces.

Pastel mirrors
To complete our collection of hand-painted wood items, we have added the works of a very special woman artisan who paints on wooden furniture and decorative items. The motives she uses range from traditional Arabic jewellery, such as Khlala or Khomssa (Fatima's hand), Berber jewelry, fish motives to flowers and vines. In this collection, we now offer mirrors and lamps,waiting to introduce small tables and chests.

Pastel lamp stands
As an alternative to our numerous wrought iron and mouth-blown glass lamps, we feature a few hand-painted wooden models. These lamps come in various colours with motives representing traditional Arab jewellery, fishes or flowers. They are available in two sizes. Electrical fittings are those used in Continental Europe; light bulbs are not included.

Jewel cases , Wooden tea trays
Wood carving and painting is another of the almost forgotten traditions of Mediterranean, Arab and African artisans. They have revived these traditions with a few unique items such as jewel-cases, tea trays and mosque lights. These items come in various colours and sizes. It is unlikely to find two identical pieces given the way they are handcrafted. Tea trays are decorated with representations of Zellige ceramic motives made of resin.

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