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The RAKEN contest : "FIND and WIN a GIFT"
Edition 2000  
(October 6 to December 29, 2000)


The RAKEN Contest is over. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants.

The RAKEN contest "FIND and WIN a GIFT", edition 2000, has come to an end with the final of which the results are listed below. We thank all participants who have searched our website to find the different gifts and hope they also had fun doing so. We congratulate the winners and wish everybody an excellent year 2001.


First prize

Second prize Third prize

Ref : TPK16

Ref : LF495 / LF502k / LF540k / LF491

Ref : TPM01b  /   PR101 LF501ca
Carpet Kilim "Khlala in gold"  (170 x 240 cm)
Won by
Frederic Van Kote
of Paris, France
The Merlin collection
Won by Daniel Kölliker
of Laupen,
A RAKEN selection
Won by Diane Pollock
of Omaha Nebraska, USA

15-21 December

01-07 December 17-23 November
Necklace Goddess red
Won by Jessica Jones
of Bern, Switzerland
Small amphora set on display
Won by Hermann Reitelbach
of Thulba, Germany
Scarf Ajar
Won by Lydia Broquet
of Brussels, Belgium
03-09 November 20-26 October 06-12 October
Small jewel case
Won by Olivier di Sima
of Paris, France 
Table lamp "Carduus"
Won by Frederic Van Kote of Paris, France and Diane Pollock, of Omaha Nebraska, USA
Mergoum Thnin olive green
Won by Guillaume Thierry
of Issy Moulinoux, France

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