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Mouth-blown glass from Tunisia

The making of a Minaret light :

The glass pastry is heated up to 1400° C in the traditional oven...

...the glass is carefully blown and turned into the right shape...

...along with the blowing, gravity is skillfully used by the artisan...


...the volume grows until the right size is reached...

...then the glass is cast into the wrought iron Minaret structure...

...the cooling is very fast and errors cannot be corrected.. 

...other works follow, such as the cutting, the sanding and the painting...

right to the finished productt

..until the Minarets are finished as wall or ceiling lights to the useful decoration of your interior :

Note : these exclusively handmade products may show slight imperfections, such as air bulbs or minor differences in colour. 


Ceiling light Three Minarets LF125
Wall hanging light Minaret LF385
(available in various colours)

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