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Tunisian wrought iron work

Tunisian wrought iron work is mainly inspired by the corresponding arts from Morocco or Spain (Andalusia). The various motives adorning gates, doors, windows and other are of Arabic, Spanish or Portuguese inspiration.The filling motives are C or S shaped irons.

Generally, the door or window gratings are made of a frame of round iron with 8-10 mm diameter and decorative motives also of (5 mm) round iron, which are tied together with round or (3-4 mm) flat irons. Square or flat irons are less usual and employed only in works inspired by Spanish and Portuguese crafts or in modern works.

Other elements are related to the building crafts, such as door knockers, locks, door holders and “Khomsas” (specifically Arabic items which represent a hand and according to legend protect against bad luck). Wrought iron, copper or bronze are frequently used to handcraft these door accessories.

Nowadays, wrought iron has conquered new horizons in the arts of decoration, where it is associated with other materials, e.g. glass, for the artisan manufacturing of lightings (ceiling lights, sconces and lamps), candlesticks and other decorative objects.

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