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Recipe for Algerian shorba

Ingredients :

 » 300-400 g lamb meat (sliced in pieces)
 » 1 large onion (cut very fine)
 » 6 tomatoes
 » 1 courgette (cut very fine)
 » 1-2 soup spoons olive oil
 » 1 bouquet of fresh coriander
 » a few mint leaves
 » 1 handful chickpea
 » 1 handful green pea
 » 3 soup spoons extract of tomato
 » 3 soup spoons Frik
    (ground wheat or green barley)
 » 1.5-2 litres water
 » pepper,salt,cinammon


Fry in olive oil: the lamb meat, the onion, the courgette, the chickpeas, the green peas, one half of the coriander with salt, pepper, cinnamon and mint leaves.

At the same time, cook the peeled and emptied tomatoes on steam

Once the meat is cooked, mix the tomatoes and add them with the extract of tomato. Add the water and cover.

Let boil during 10 minutes while adding the frik and the other half of the coriander.

Let cook until the soup has the wanted consistence.

Serve with some lemon

. "Chahya Taiba" (bon appetit)



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