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RAKEN E-News / 28 June 2001

1. New RAKEN products : Carpets and Tapestries
2. New RAKEN products :
Wrought Iron & Glass
3. New RAKEN products :
Copper, Silver, Wood
Special Summer action : get your shopping coupon now
5. Chapter 5 of
A Classification of American Wealth is now online

Dear reader,

Summer is finally here and there is plenty to do outdoors. Yet for those who still have time to surf, RAKEN has great news, loads of new and attractive products for your home. Check them out and let your dreams come true. Transform your home with unique and exclusive home furnishings you can find at www.raken.com or in the far distant countries of 1001 nights

New RAKEN products : Carpets and Tapestries

Following the great interest shown by our visitors and customers for Tunisian carpets, we have extended our range in different ways :
- we have split the “Mergoum” category and created a separate entry for the “
Ouedhrefs”, which are short hair woven carpets from the Tunisian South;
- we have extended our “Allusha” carpet category to include other
Tunisian fine knotted carpets, notably the “Mihrab” and the “Magic Cupboard”. Our knotted carpets are now available in two qualities;
- we have introduced a new category “
Various Weavings”, where we now propose woven items such as pillow covers and blankets;
- we have extended our existing ranges, notably the popular modern kilims, with new designs.
Check out our updated
carpet & tapestry gallery to find your ultimate hand-knotted or woven rug.

Carpet Mergoum Ouedhref            Carpet Magic cupboard      

New RAKEN products : Wrought Iron and Glass

”We are fascinated by their exotic design and the quality of their artisan workmanship !”  This is just one of the customer qualifications for our exclusive wrought iron and glass lamps and lights. Encouraged by the great response we got for these products, we have further extended the range by adding a number of new and exquisite designs, such as the following three, which are in no ways exhaustive. Browse through our Wrought Iron & Glass online catalog to find out what other geat new models we have created for you.

Table lamp  Gaïus            Ceiling light  Vine          Sconces  Merlin on Flower  ( 2 units )

New RAKEN products : Copper, Silver, Pottery

The RAKEN product range in our category “Other Products” grows so fast, that we will soon have to split this into more specific sub-categories. One of them just emerged from the numerous collectors requests we received recently. Our “Copper” collection was started some three month ago with a few lamps and ceiling lights. In the meantime we added trays and folding tables and integrated the much sought “Sheesha” water-pipes therein. In the latter, we added the semi crystal “AAM” model which offers functional value. We also added a few Tuareg silver necklaces, notably those with the famous “Southern Cross”. Finally, you should definitely try our Tunisian pottery juice set, quite the right thing for the appreciation of a hot summer.

         Sheesha Waterpipes   AAM    Juice set  Fruits

RAKEN Summer Special : Win a Shopping Coupon

Just recommend RAKEN to three of your friends through our web site and receive a shopping coupon, with a value of
10 Euro.

A Classification of American Wealth – Chapter 5 “Early Industrialists” is now online

Brought to you by
www.raken.com, D.C.Shouter’s “A Classification of American Wealth”, tracing the history and genealogy of the wealthy families of America has just got richer by the latest chapter : 5 “Early Industrialists”. A must read for all those who are fascinated by early American industrialism.

You will find all this and much more in our extensive web site www.raken.com. We hope you will enjoy your visit and come back regularly for new excursions into the Mediterranean, Arabic and African cultures

Your RAKEN team


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