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RAKEN E-News / 24 November 2001

1. Christmas Gift Ideas from RAKEN : See  28 gift  ideas  for Christmas, each  from a different
    RAKEN product line
2. RAKEN contest :
FIND and WIN a GIFT / Last chance to participate in the November edition
3. New RAKEN products : Leather hassocks and Hamel leather collection
RAKEN designed web site SOS Tunisia wins  Gold  trophy  at Tanitweb contest  of  the best
    Tunisian websites.

Dear reader,

Christmas is just one month away and RAKEN has some great news for you. Find an original Christmas gift for your friends and family among our Christmas Gift Ideas. Profit of our Christmas special discounts and use our Christmas special action to offer a RAKEN Shopping Coupon to your friends. Or just browse through the RAKEN Style collection, discover our new category “Leather” or try your luck at the RAKEN contest “Find and Win a Gift” Happy browsing and good luck.

Christmas Gift Ideas from RAKEN :
You are looking for an original Christmas gift for your family or your friends. You have reached the right page. You will find 28 gift ideas, each of a different category of our exclusive RAKEN Style Collection of home decoration objects. Each object will lead you to a myriad of other products in its category. Only a few examples are pictured here :


Profit of our Christmas rebates : 5 – 15 % on merchandise and 30% on shipping

RAKEN Christmas Special : Offer a RAKEN Shopping Coupon to your friends
You have friends you think that would like RAKEN and its exotic products. You can now offer them a RAKEN Shopping Coupon with a value of
10 Euro. And the best is yet to come : for you, it is FREE, the coupon being offered by RAKEN.

Find out how to use your RAKEN Shopping Coupon or how to get one for you on our information page about
Shopping Coupons

RAKEN contest : FIND and WIN a GIFT” – the last chance to participate in the November contest
Are you familiar enough with the RAKEN website to find the product which is illustrated below (and on our home page) ? Then try your luck at finding the product in the site and use your chance to win it. This year you will have this chance three times, starting right away with the product below. See also the contest rules and the winners and products of last year’s contest:

New RAKEN products : "Leather"
Tanning has a long tradition in the Maghreb. Whereas Marrakesh remains the best known tanning place in Northwestern Africa, the craft is done in many other places of Morocco and Tunisia too. The most commonly used hides in these regions are sheep and goat hides. After featuring lamps with leather for some time, RAKEN is now introducing other leather products : the famous leather hassocks and our Hamel Collection,  where goat leather is coupled with the Hamel tapestry from the South of Tunisia in a number of useful things, such as brief-cases, handbags, mirrors and jewel cases

RAKEN designed website  SOS Tunisia wins Tanitweb Gold trophy
RAKEN Services has designed a descriptive website for SOS Tunisia, a philanthropic association which has three villages (Gamarth, Siliana and Mahres), home of 250 orphan children in Tunisia. The website is a gift from RAKEN Services to support the promotional efforts of the association, which needs all the support it can get to pursue its mission. The site will be temporarily hosted under the
www.raken.com domain, until SOS Tunisia finds a sponsor for the web hosting. Be numerous to visit this site and to give your support to the SOS Children’s Villages in Tunisia and in the World.

At the Tanitweb 2001 contest of the best Tunisian web sites, the SOS Tunisia web site, which ran under the category civil associations,
won the “Gold Tanit”.

You will find all this and much more in our extensive web site www.raken.com. We hope you will enjoy your visit and come back regularly for new excursions into the Mediterranean, Arabic and African cultures.

Your RAKEN team


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