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RAKEN E-News /  5  April  2002

1. New Carpets and Kilims
2. New pictorial summary pages at RAKEN Style
Launch of RAKEN Webdesigners

Dear reader,

After a busy first quarter 2002, as RAKEN visitor and customer figures reached new records, we are now ready to introduce new products, new features to our web sites and also propose our web design services to customers in Tunisia and in the World. Here are just a few hints at the numerous news and improvements you will find online at
www.raken.com. Happy browsing.

New Carpets and Kilims :
If you are searching for a way to give your home a decidedly exotic touch, our new African theme carpets and our extensive collection of Arabic and Berber inspired artistic kilims will certainly appeal to you :

New pictorial summary pages at RAKEN Style
In an effort to further enhance your browsing and shopping experience at RAKEN Style, our web design team is currently working on an update of the web site. Among the new features to be introduced shortly are pictorial summaries of our product families. These will help you browse through our expanded offer and choose the model you like most.

We would like to introduce the following examples of such pages, for products in several families :

How do you like this new way of presenting our products ? Is it helpful ?
We would appreciate if you drop us a line at style@raken.com

Launch of RAKEN Webdesigners
In April 2002, the RAKEN group launches its latest unit, RAKEN Webdesigners, a spin-off of RAKEN Services intended to satisfy the needs for professional and innovative web design. RAKEN has realized all of its websites in-house and is now ready to put its experienced team of web conceptors, designers and programmers at the disposal of customers in Tunisia and in the world.

Aside from improvements of the several RAKEN web sites, our design team has recently realized web sites for :

If you would like our advice or a proposal for the execution or improvement of your website, please do not hesitate to contact us at services@raken.com 

You will find all this and much more in our extensive web site www.raken.com. We hope you will enjoy your visit and come back regularly for new excursions into the Mediterranean, Arabic and African cultures.

Your RAKEN team


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