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Friday October 8th 1999, 18:45 GMT
Launch of RAKEN Art gallery on Internet

Friday, October 8th 1999, at 6:45 pm GMT, RAKEN Art, our virtual art gallery was successfully launched on www.raken.com 

RAKEN Art features the works of selected contemporaneous artists, most of them yet little known outside their countries, but all very talented and strongly inspired by the Mediterranean, Arabic and African cultures. For the launch of the web site we have started with the works of four painters. 

You can start right away to visit our gallery or view our catalogue. The virtual shop functions are not yet operational and will be added together with the launch of our site RAKEN Style, which will happen soon at the RAKEN web site. In the meantime, the corresponding links are disabled. You can contact us at
art@raken.com  for any information regarding the web site, the artists or the exhibited works

We wish you a nice visit.

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