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Monday July  19th 1999, 17:30 GMT 
Launch of RAKEN Services and www.raken.com

On Monday, July 19th 1999, at 5:30 pm we launched the RAKEN web site www.raken.com and RAKEN Services

RAKEN is set up as an e-commerce specialist for art, decorative objects and travel inspired by Mediterranean, Arabic and African cultures. Our e-commerce activities are scheduled to start in the last quarter of 1999.

RAKEN Services is the webmaster of RAKEN and offers web-site development &maintenance as well as other services to support our customers for e-commerce and other Internet activities.

For the development of a web site, our info-graphic designers and programmers will handle any job with the requisite professionalism, using appropriate technologies for multimedia conception and web design. 

Our involvement with e-commerce provides us with thorough knowledge of the specific marketing approach necessary to succeed trading in the web.

Information about RAKEN and related subjects, cultural contributions from Mediteranean, Arab and African Countries, arts and crafts, gastronomy and links

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