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 18 September  2000 :
Press Release
RAKEN  the e-commerce specialist for Mediterranean, Arab and African art and decoration.

With the recent introduction of secure credit card payment, using the E-TIJARA payment server of Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI), the Swiss owned Tunis based RAKEN Trading is now complete as a specialized e-tailer for Mediterranean, Arab and African art and decorations.

In its extensive RAKEN Style collection of handcrafted decoration objects, RAKEN now offers more than 250 products in four categories : "carpets and tapestries", "ceramics and pottery", "wrought iron and glass", and "other" products (starting with a set of Tuareg silver jewelry). All these products are carefully handcrafted in specialized artisan workshops by master craftsmen and craftswomen, following traditional methods.

A virtual art gallery, RAKEN Art, features authentic original paintings by talented artists inspired by Mediterranean, African and Arabic cultures.

Aside from its unique high quality products, RAKEN also stands out through the original design of its web sites, which is performed in-house by RAKEN Services, who also do the technical conception and dynamic web programming.

For entertainment and information, www.raken.com also features a number of theme sites. Besides information pages on specific issues of North African cultures, you will find Monster Ridge, a fun site about monsters, and A Classification of American Wealth, tracing the history and genealogy of the wealthy families of America from colonial times until nowadays.

A major update launched in September 2000 includes many of the new features that will make RAKEN a favorite in its category. Thus, RAKEN Style is now set to accommodate special wishes through its Collectors Corner, where customers can get one-to-one special offers in their personal web pages on request. A BtoB version oriented towards specialized shops and interior decorators follows to ease the ordering process for retailers.

Information about RAKEN and related subjects, cultural contributions from Mediteranean, Arab and African Countries, arts and crafts, gastronomy and links

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