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Wednesday, Novmber 6th 2002 :
First day of Ramadan in the year 1423 of Hegira calendar
Ramdan mabrouk

Wednesday, November 6, 2002 marks the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic world. During one month, Muslims must fast from sunrise to sunset. This tradition is among the most respected religious duties in Islam, as nearly all Muslims, regardless of them practising other rituals or not, do respect the fasting during Ramadan.

The spirit of Ramadan is for all Muslims to share during one month a year the hardships of the poorer people, who cannot afford several full meals a day. In present times, it happens that in the more opulent families, Ramadan ends up with feasting during the night after fasting during the day.

Strict Muslims still limit their eating during the night to one main course after “Chakkan El Fatr” (the rupture of fasting), starting with dates and milk , then “shorba”, the typical soup served at this occasion, followed by a number of other dishes which vary. Before the morning prayer at sunrise, Muslims will have “shour”, a sort of energy rich breakfast which will carry them through the fasting day.

“Shorba” is a general term for the typical soup served in many Muslim countries during Ramadan; some variations are specific, like the Moroccan “Harira”. Follow the link to find a recipe for an Algerian “shorba” and “Chahya Taiba” (bon appetit).

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