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August 8, 2000 : RAKEN introduces 
secure credit card payment using E-TIJARA

RAKEN Trading is now affiliated to the secure payment server E-TIJARA which has recently been launched by the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI).

E-TIJARA allows our customers to pay with VISA and Mastercard credit cards in a secure environment. The information entered on the E-TIJARA server is encrypted and treated directly by the cooperating banks. Merchants have no access to this information. SSL encryption warrants that no unauthorized party can access the data during transfer.

The Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) is the government body responsible for Internet activities in Tunisia. ATI, which is affiliated to the Tunisian Ministery of Communications, oversees the deployment of Internet in Tunisia and notably controls the use of encryption technologies to enable secure transactions on Internet in the framework of the country's e-commerce strategy. The use of encryption technologies is strictly regulated in Tunisia.

E-TIJARA is a secure payment server using SSL encryption technology to handle credit card payments for Tunisian or Tunisia based e-commerce operators. E-TIJARA is operated by the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) in cooperation with major Tunisian banks.

The introduction of secure credit card payment completes the outfit of RAKEN as an e-commerce specialist for art and decoration objects, inspired by Mediterranean, Arab and African cultures.

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