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Nebiha Ernez-Gribaa


Born in Sousse, Tunisia, Nebiha Ernez-Gribaa started life with a degree in English literature and worked as an English teacher. She later left that profession to dedicate her time to her children and her big passion: painting.

She studied the Beaux-Arts with professor Roggero and officially entered the World of Art in 1971, with an exhibition at the cultural center of Algiers.

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Since then, Nebiha Gribaa never ceased to excel in her work and her paintings enriched art galleries in many places, such as Sousse, Tunis, Monastir and Hammamet in Tunisia, but also abroad in Paris (1985, 1991, 1993, 1995), Luxembourg (1988), Dubai (1996) and Marrakech (1995).

In contact with her palette, prolific, never lacking inspiration, she takes in her figurative style to a rainbow colored worlds, full of life, strength, love and hopefulness, but also sometimes sad; and she narrates in her paints, what could not be expressed in words.

Influenced by the impressionist movement, Nebiha Gribaa has developed her own technique, with a touch of brush coming from her soul.

Of her works emanates a perfume, a foreign and melodious atmosphere, which revives memories to a past of Arab chivalry, otherwise confined to history books. The eyes focused on her galloping horses, the fruit of a vivacious imagination in quest for fiction.

She says she paints Tunisia... But she expresses the entire Maghreb. The same unseizable silhouettes, entrenched in a delicious sadness, nurtured by the hardships of a life unknown to us, filled with an unexplained delight coming from the essence of their souls, from Tunis to Tangiers via Algiers, everyone in the lap of the old districts of their town.

With her magic brush, Nebiha Gribaa manages to paint sadness in the tone of hope and wring of any melancholy a reviving light.

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