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Djihane Boughaba


Born the 9th of May 1966 in Constantine Algeria, Djihane Boughaba was fascinated with the fairy world of colours and the harmony of words since earliest childhood. "She was scrawling animated and rhymed phrases everywhere".

A sensitive soul and revolted spirit, deeply affected and scandalised by human suffering, she started to study medicine at the University of Constantine after graduating high-school in 1984, and exercised as a benevolent at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in the same city.

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Having obtained her diploma as general practitioner in 1991, she took the leave to Egypt where she followed a course as stylist-modellist and participated to the creation of the autumn-winter collection of 1993.

An erring soul, she moved to Paris where she took up medicine again, specialising in resuscitation and emergency (SAMU). Her artistic aspirations being very intense, she followed courses at the Ecole du Louvre and eventually left the medical profession for good in 1995, to consecrate her life to her artistic talents.

The artist painter Djihane Boughaba first entered the world of art exhibitions in 1995 through the Parisian galleries, and later a bit everywhere in Tunisia during her stay from 1996 to 1998.

Ever restless she released her wandering soul again to land in Athens at the end of 1998, where she presently creates and exhibits her new works.

Entranced gaze, her spirit charmed by abstract paints containing the metamorphoses of a telling life. In the midst of her atelier, diving into her deepest self, in meditation, contemplation and creation.

Supreme inspiration, spring of a spirit in the labyrinths of her self, her soul naked, taken by an unbearable lightness of senses, nurtured by the delicious craze of the artist. Transposed into another dimension, surrealist, cubist, and abstract, where there are only beauty and colours, paints and canvas. Branded by her past exploration of anatomy, fascinated by the harmony of human bodies’ curves, she innovates new themes drawing the path of an entire life.

Flirting with the course of time, she hatches her works with passion, as she says : "my paints are my children."


Djihane Boughaba’s work "La cancatrice chauve " (the bald singer), consisting of over 14 paints, inspired from a poem of her youngest sister Lama, is a special example of this very talented artists creations. (The poem is in French and a translation is not available).

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