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RAKEN is an e-commerce enterprise specialized on art and handcrafted home decoration objects inspired by Mediterranean, Arab, Berber and other African cultures.

RAKEN Style features an online catalog with over 1’200 products, all quality artisan works from Tunisia and Morocco : carpets and tapestry, wrought iron and glass lamps and lights, leather bags and hassocks, Sheesha water pipes, copper trays and tables, hand-painted wood mirrors, ceramics, pottery, Tuareg and other silver jewelry, and others.

In our exclusive
RAKEN Collectors Edition we propose artistic interior decoration with outstanding design and quality.

Welcome to RAKEN : Your place for exotic Art and Decoration
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Note : RAKEN companies in Tunisia and Morocco are closed.
Site maintained pro memoria.

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Style Collection : Sconces / Table lamps / Ceiling lights / Sheesha Waterpipes / Copper lamps / Tunisian carpets Klims  / Berber carpets / ...
Collectors Edition  : Bedside Lamps / Table Lamps / Floor Lamps / Standing Lamps / Ceiling Hangers / Ceiling Lights / Small Sconces / Large Sconces /...


RAKEN Services

RAKEN Services : web site development, graphic design and programming


RAKEN Art : virtual art gallery featuring original paints

RAKEN Travel

RAKEN Travel : adventure trips and cultural tours in Morocco, Tunisia and other Mediterranean, Arab and African countries

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